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Published on February 5th, 2018 | by John I.


Today, the world is dancing to the tunes of technology. One such element of technology that has connected the globe in a swirl is video conferencing. You cannot deny the superb benefits that this technology is bringing to the world. From delivering a tangible return on investment to reducing the cost of traveling and saving time, this technological development has opened up horizons for its users. One such advantage of this phenomenal technology is that it can connect and manage more than 20 users at the same time. This gives the users a feeling that they are in the same room. But isn’t it complicated? You must be curious to know how this can be possible. There are many solutions for handling and managing every nook and cranny of the user while having a blue jeans video collaboration.


Video Conferencing for Taking Interviews

In an interview where you have got many panelists and you need to convince and assure them that you’ll be the perfect asset for the company, then video conferencing can become a tricky route. To create an impression on the lot, you definitely should first approach the department of the company where video conferencing is established and make sure that you are able to communicate well enough through your equipment that includes web camera, laptop, and smart phone, warns the BBC. Otherwise, at the time of conferencing you could get into some seriously huge trouble. What to wear and how to look are other aspects that you should be considering when you are scheduled to have a large group interview.

Presentation through Video Conferencing

Another problem that you might also face is that the virtual presentation (through power point or another program) that most individuals find difficult, to explain your work to more than 20 people out there through video conferencing, can be difficult to manage. So make sure that you use a landscaped page format, include graphics that are clear, clean and very simple to understand, and use a wider margin because the sides might cut off. Thus, with a problem video conferencing also has a solution to it.

A report done by HP in 2005 and reported on by Microsoft, shows that video conferencing was not used by HP as source to communicate with its employees. The statistics show that the questionnaire that was spread through the web to about 4532 people showed that 68 percent of people did not take part in video conferencing in the last 3 years. But today the statistics are way different. Previously for the users it had a high overhead cost and widespread base of users was lacking behind. There were some quality and reliability issues as well. But with advancement today, it’s seen as one of the most reliable and preferable platforms to discuss and approach employees, friends and family with.

Solution to Handle 20 or More Users

Video conferencing today has become a solution to engage the individuals over a single platform from anywhere across the world. In this way you don’t have to run after other and wait long for appointments and meeting plans. With just a click you can connect with everyone on the group and can discuss easy and simple matter to more complicated and perplex issues of the growing economy. This phenomenal facility of technology has bridged the gap between the participants and now with no hassle you can convey your message and make it clear to everyone. Through this platform you make yourself remember in others mind and can have a very lasting impression on your viewers. Your words can be recorded and your name will always be remembered.

Other Benefits of Video Conferencing

Having said that, Video Conferencing Advice discusses a number of benefits that video conferencing has provided that give it massive importance over the physical presence of an individual in any meeting. The various other advantages of video conferencing can be the meetings that can be called up instantly worldwide with hardly any notice before. The ease in saving the cost and reducing the travel time is no doubt another significant benefit of video conferencing. Similarly meeting can also take place without leaving your office cabin. Visit and shop our new adjustable height desks and furniture for any business that deals with a large number of files, especially for medical and legal offices.

Thus, video conferencing is a platform that today almost everyone is familiar with. This method of conducting meetings, having family get togethers, and building and growing strong bonds with your friends has given you all an opportunity to stay connected. No matter where you are, or what time it is, you can easily approach anyone and get their opinions and suggestions conveyed through this medium. This forum has one best thing that others don’t and the best thing is that it can handle more than 20 users at the same with no hassle and inconvenience. So, just connect with it and explore and meet the world around you.


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