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Published on November 3rd, 2013 | by John I.


All Dogs Must be Microchipped from 2016 The Technology behind it

Technology has truly become one of those factors which has made life easier from every possible aspect and the recent introduction to the list of technological wonders are our foceur legged friends. It is believed that dogs have become the biggest cause of concern in the UK, costing the taxpayers more than £57 million pounds in order to track and shelter strayed or lost dogs. In a desperate sattempt to save dogs from getting lost or being stolen, the government hopes to save some much needed relief for the dog owners, as micro chips will make it a lot easier to track these dogs.

Cost and Benefits of Microchips

Microchip insemination as well as this affordable pet insurance by Pet’s Best  has been in existence for a long time now, but many dog owners often avoided tagging their dogs in order to avoid unwanted expenses. The major benefit of micro-chipping dogs is that they can easily be identified and traced back to their owners by simply scanning these chips through a scanner. These microchips are usually tagged with a unique registration number which is registered to the owner, using these registration numbers the dog can be traced back to their registered owners in case if they are lost, stolen or abandoned and save shelters and pet insurance companies from from unwanted financial burdens.

Pet insurance from E&L recently revealed that the cost of caring for your pets has risen dramatically over the years and an estimate on their website shows that we now spend up to £10,000 on a cat and £12,000 on a dog in a lifetime. With this insurance agency software, the companies will be much more organized.

Costing in at only £20 per microchip, the government hopes to keep dogs from getting stolen or partake in a pre-planned attack on someone else’s property or public place, as this has become a major cause of concern for many people. For those who are concerned with health related issues and to any side effects caused by these microchips, then these microchips have been thoroughly tested and have health or discomfort related reports ever lodged according to Galumbeck Plastic Surgery.

Need for Microchips

Many recent studies on pets show that many times exotic dogs are often stolen for their value and many times dogs are abandoned simply because they become a handful for the owner. It is also a well known fact that dogs often have the tendency to wander off and become lost easily, which leaves animal shelters as their only hope. When you want to get surgery yourself, visit some facelift surgery performed in Houston.

A Not only providing a proper shelter for these lost dogs end up costing the taxpayers a lot of money as most of these shelters are dependent on government aids and private findings, but it also costs pet insurance companies a lot because most of these dogs are insured. The government has also enforced that anyone who will not have their dog micro-chipped will be liable to pay a fine of £500 to ensure the proper enforcement of this law.


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