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Published on July 10th, 2013 | by John I.


First look at Apple’s iOS 7 for the iPad

From the beginning, the iPad is considered the most prestigious and reliable brand of tablet that is innovative and way above ahead all other brands. So many brands have tried but nothing comes at par with its user friendly, convenient and entertaining features. Most of its acclaim and success is due to having a reliable iOS that is considered the most feasible and uncomplicated software for tablets.

Through this article we aim to provide so informative pros and cons of the iOS 7  for iPad.

For everyone interested on using and launching this latest operating software for their iPad be aware that this is still on a beta release stage. It means the software is still vulnerable to bugs, errors and crashes. The software operating system has kicked up one notch higher from its previous beta released iOS.


Upon launching, you will see a totally revitalized fonts, colors, icons and style for an entirely new tablet enjoyment. Setting aside its aesthetic new features, it is equally loaded with exciting new tools to explore and use.

Here is a list of observations about iOS 7 on iPad:

Swipe from anywhere to unlock

This revamp is a welcome change adapted from iPhone use with slight changes and applied to the iPad. The plus factor is the iPad has more screen space to apply this worthy feature. On a tablet it is very rare that your hand can immediately swipe at the bottom corner of your screen, especially if the tablet was opened form its power button.

Control Center

This helpful feature consists of quick access to important settings and adjustments to tweak with ease. From here it is evident that Apple wants to incorporate the user interface compatibility with an iPhone and an iPad. Just simply drag the Control Center anywhere on the screen and tweak or adjust the settings suited to your needs and comfort. With the flick of your thumb you can change brightness and volume efficiently.

Four Fingers Slide Function

It is a feature that is totally appalling. Why the need to slide four fingers up just so the user interface will appear on the screen? It may indeed prove to be useful but certainly discredit the one touch feature expected from tablet use.


Basic Navigation Features

It is sort of messed up on this part because on the old iOS when you open a folder and wants to return to the menu just tap outside of it. Now when you tap outside of the multitasking panels there is no significant change at all. It takes some time to figure out how the tap anywhere will work on this one.

Parallax Features

It is a built in feature that helps in multitasking by changing the background images when responding to one’s movements. It is still evidently there and proves even more useful.

Animation Style

Everything runs into a sluggish performance but it may be clearly understandable since the iOS 7 is still on its beta stage. Usually it takes longer to finish and a bit harder to manipulate.

Coming from the same company who has launched successful innovations in best mobile web design features for the iPhone fans, Apple has again delivered the goods as expected but we are yet to hear other worthwhile observations about iOS 7.

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