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Published on April 13th, 2018 | by John I.


Point of Sale

Point of sale systems have come of age. Almost every retailer now uses automated billing systems that track sales in a store and provide receipts even in building your home from choosing your roof you can avail on this weblink – Palm Beach Roofing Expert. These systems also integrate with warehouse inventory systems, track payroll, and provide a range of other features that are useful for retailers. However, as technology advances, retailers have to race to keep up with emerging software. iPad based POS systems are the next step in point of sale software and retailers are actively investing in the system to streamline billing and sales. The system can be adapted into any restaurant and they are particularly useful for small stores like coffee shops. If you are a coffee shop owner, and are wondering whether iPad based POS systems are for you, here are a few reasons that should convince you immediately.

Easy To Use

iPad POS systems are easy to use, as almost everyone knows how to use the swipe-and-wipe motion on tablets. The POS system is completely online and the storeowner can access the system through a simple app. Clicking on the app will open a browser, the storeowners can fill in the password, and the online POS system opens immediately. The system is simple and store staff does not have to undergo extensive training sessions to learn the system and to process billing.

Mobile Billing and Better Profits

One of the problems of a coffee shop is peak hour crowds. Most coffee shops have the heaviest customer traffic during morning hours. In fact, you might have already noticed long lines outside prominent stores like Starbucks during office hours. Imagine how frustrated customers are getting waiting in line for their morning cup of Joe. However, now customers can forget about standing in line in the morning. Roving staff can easily take customer orders with iPad billing systems and the kitchen can start making coffee and breakfast orders immediately, including juice made with The 5 Best Slow Juicers of 2018. If customers pay by credit card, attached credit card terminals can process orders immediately. This not only cuts down customer waiting time but also ensure that customers don’t have to wait to pay their bill. As customers are cleared quickly from the store, your store will be able to process many more customers than normal resulting in a long-term profit.

Customer Information

You might already have a steady base of customers but you can make the best use of these customers with a loyalty program. iPad POS systems can store customer information and help you create a loyalty program for your customers. You can store customer names and addresses and the next time they visit the store, the iPad POS system will correlate the order with the loyalty program and offer special offers for each customer. This can prove to be a very valuable tool to encourage customer loyalty.

Safe and Secure

It’s very easy for hackers to break into computers and access customer data for identify theft. However, cloud-based systems are different. iPad POS systems run completely online. That means customer information is stored online on a cloud-based server. The server has its own 24/7 security with state-of-the-art security encryption and data security. Along with online security, the company will also secure the tablets to ensure that no one can access them to steal customer data. To prevent theft, the iPads are also tagged with geolocation data and anti-theft software to ensure store staff or customers do not walk off with the tablets says About.


Point of sale software can be streamlined, and updated immediately as the system is online 24/7. The cloud server updates the software and the tablets can be used immediately. In fact, unlike traditional POS systems, cloud-based POS systems are updated in real time and the system does it for free. Vendors also offer customizable features for coffee shops. For example, iPads are locked on to the tabletop and customers can use it to build their own products and drinks. This is updated to the kitchen immediately and it cuts down on employee error. At the same time, it also saves time for hotel staff. The customer can place orders anytime, pay for them with cash or credit and sales are processed immediately says Coffeetalk.

As technology advances, cloud-based processing systems are changing rapidly but they are the wave of the future. iPad POS systems offer a range of wonderful features that can prove very helpful for small and large storeowners. On top of that, iPads are simple to use and they impressive clients to no end. No more clunky large machines to process sale, as a simple tablet does the entire job quickly and efficiently and this is quite impressive.  In the end, it does not matter whether you have a hip clientele or not, as iPad POS systems are useful, affordable, and simple.


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